How To Overcome Phobia - 3 Ways Out

how to overcome phobia

To overcome phobia, a lot of confidence and determination is needed why? Well, because its practically you facing your fears and summoning enough courage and will power to get rid of those fears and live on normal and healthy! Sounds tough? No it isn't you're half way there already by just merely taking the step to search for a solution to your fears, don't quit now, read on and fight!
  However, it is important to note that we can always see a doctor or a specialist to help us overcome our phobias and fears. This method is much more reliable and safe compared to searching how to do it online(don't get me wrong, its still ok to search for it online too, why else would i have made this post?) but this article will be focused on self treatment methods of curing phobia which you may combine with the doctor's own prescribed ways to overcome phobia if you've seen any or plan to see. Below is a list of a few ways to overcome phobia that might just work the magic you need.

METHOD 1: stare your phobia in the eyes
 This without doubt works for all kinds of phobia especially phobias for objects and living creatures, in short things you can see with the eyes physically but of course you may use this method to overcome other phobias too.
Step 1: to overcome phobia, you have to face it, first start by thinking and visualising such object or scenario that you have a phobia for. You might get the chills just thinking about it but don't stop. Be consistent about the thought of such phobia until you're less afraid of thinking about it. Not being afraid of thinking or imaging a phobia is the first step to overcoming it.
Step 2: proceed to looking at the pictures of the phobia you want to get rid of. If it's phobia for high places - Acrophobia, download pictures of people looking down from skyscrapers, but take it equally slow and consistent and you may pull back when it gets too much but get back at it later. Never give up, remember the reason you have for wanting to overcome your phobia so don't quit.
Step 3: finally, face your fears in real life. You wanna overcome the phobia for dogs for example, stare a dog in the eyes or even go an extra mile as to attempting to pet it pet it! Start with a puppy on leash then to a loose puppy then perhaps a bunch of puppies before going on to bigger dogs. What's that? You're not sure you'll see that much dogs at once? well come on, you get what I'm trying to say right? Start small then big. It might be dog phobia for you but it may be other types of phobia to someone else.
NOTE: this may take time but consistency is the key, so don't rush things nor force it you'll soon get confident over that phobia.

METHOD 2: change what you see the phobia to be
 This works fine with overcoming Trypophobia among others. This method has a lot to do with mental reasoning as to what you really see the phobia to be and this can be quite tasking in a way how? Well, overcoming phobia by changing the way you see it means you have to;
* sit yourself down and think "why am I scared of a cockroach? Its harmless, I can squash it, I rule!"
* change your thoughts to good, don't think "that dog will bite me if I go near it", think "that dog is harmless and cute! I'll go over there and pet that adorable dog".
 We tend to exaggerate phobia and often forget they're below us and might even be our mere imaginations.

METHOD 3: eat your way out of your phobia 
A good number of patients willing to overcome there phobia have successfully done so using this method by using food rich in contents that reduce stress and anxiety since phobia is essentially all about stress and anxiety.
There are many other classes of food containing nutrients cable of reducing anxiety and stress and ultimately overcoming phobia, a few amoung these classes are;
*protein-rich food: such food supplemented with carbohydrate can help reduce anxiety. A good choice would be a bowl of white rice with turkey.
*Food rich in vitamin C: vitamin C is known to be present in a lot of fruits especially citrus and can help cure anxiety and distress, while you would go for oranges, also consider other fruits like red chilli pepper, guava and black currants.

Battling our phobia can be tough but with determination and persistence, anything is possible! Good luck.
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