Trypophobia - hole phobia

Trypophobia, sometimes misspelt as "tripophobia" is also known as the hole phobia or holes phobia as you may wan it. Whichever you call it, trypophobia is the irrational fear of clustered holes. It is discovered now however that it is not necessarily holes alone but most features that are clustered together and have irregular patterns as well all cause trypophobia.
 To get a full detailed explanation on the causes, symptoms and how to cure trypophobia, click HERE and view the full article. In this article, I'll be categorising trypophobia into 2 types based on the recent discovery that trypophobia is triggered in many individuals by different type of images. The 2 main types are:

i. Holes in skin/Trypophobia skin disease

ii. Holes in plants and insects or non-skin holes

Yes! Different people have trypophobia by different causes. I noticed personally that I get irritated with holes in skin rather than the holes in plants and insects while other clients say otherwise. Then there are people who actually have trypophobia of anything so long as it is having features such as the said clustered holes. Below is a brief explanation of the two types of trypophobia talked about earlier;

There's a Fear of mobile devices? Do you know you're most likely to have it too?

i. Holes in skin
Holes in skin are usually pictures of infected skin people call trypophobia skin disease. Trypophobia skin disease appears as holes in skin and these skin holes however, are nearly all fake, if not all. These skin holes created by photo editors are meant to irritate you and I at the moment of writing this have trypophobia of skin holes cause of the mixture of the disgusting sight of tiny holes probably filled with infections and blood all over. Medical personnels are not so likely to have the fear of holes, I don't think I need to explain why but as for people like me, I hate seeing blood or open wounds in the first place, now adding clustered holes or patches of dark spots nearly just kills me. Knowing these skin holes are fake may also constitute to curing trypophobia ut have you ever been in a dream, knowing fully well its a dream but that monster chasing you still makes you run. I hope you get my point.
 Below are the awful trypophobic images I've been able to compile with my eyes closed, ok no, my eyes were open, therapy is actually working, how I'm putting my trpophobia under control is given right below, stay tuned.
 Give your honest description as to how you feel after viewing the following trypophobic images

ii. Trypophobia in plants and insects
Unlike the trypophobia skin disease, trypophobia here are the more natural types which include the fear of lotus holes and other types of holes developed on plants and insects and even some amphibians just working their normal day to day activities minding their own business while you sit there being irritated at their beauty, ok just kidding. Below are some pictures of non-skin pictures of trypophobia
Lotus holes are the leading causes of trypophobia in plants.
 The honeycomb is in turn the leading naturally occurring type of trypophobia caused by insects.
Other examples include the toad belky full of eggs and some others such as the following images

So, would you say you are trypophobic to the skin disease or the non skin holes or are you even trypophobic at all? Or was it both, please let me know in the comments sections, your comments are much appropriated, thank you. 
How to cure trypophobia
Trypophobia like some other phobias is actually really easy to cure - take it from an ex trypophobic patient (me! well not complete yet as at this time). Check out some ways on how to overcome phobia including trypophobia and other types of phobia on your own and be a free man or woman like me! I specially compiled a list of useful safe ways to overcome phobia of any sort at the comfort of your home given it works for you, thank me later!

 So, which type of trypophobia do you have let me know in the comments below thanks!

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